• The best business education innovations

    We identify and share innovations reshaping the world of business education


    We are looking for world-class pedagogical innovations in business schools globally

    Our initiative aims at uncovering innovative pedagogical approaches, understanding how they are being implemented in business schools and publishing a public and global report showcasing 10 of them.



    At LearnSpace we believe in the power & impact of teaching innovations and our goal is to help share good practices in pedagogy on a global scale. This is why we are organizing this call and are looking forward to inspiring change by sharing teaching innovations implemented in business schools globally.


    Make pedagogy great again !


    Since the research push in academia after WW2, Business Schools have been building their reputation, respectability and authority through research. Academics are expected to publish frequently, which sets aside other considerations such as teaching & pedagogy. International rankings feed this constraint, by relying on criteria such as academic reputation, impact of research, percentage of faculty with PhD…


    In order to efficiently groom future generations to the realities of tomorrow, we need to give significantly more weight to teaching methods (pedagogy).


    How well students learn should be at least as important — if not more — as how many papers are published each year.

    Pedagogy has been an outsider to the system for way too long. It has been put aside over the years, resulting in professors relying mostly on the top down lectures, during which students are more inclined to stay passive recipients of knowledge rather than active participants.


    Today, cognitive sciences have demonstrated that the human brain learns best in an active setting — when synapses build connections within our brains. When we do things, when we create, when we are actively engaged in the learning process — that’s when the process reaches its optimal efficiency.

  • Who can be nominated, and until when ?


    Any professor or group of professors (teaching Bachelors, MiMs, MBAs, ExecEd within degree programs), & putting in place pedagogical innovations aimed at delivering engaging and effective learning experiences for their students.


    And by pedagogical innovation, we mean :

    The usage of a tool or method that provides a change in the professor’s posture, who would be more focused on empowering students, making them more committed, engaged and responsible for their own learning. At the heart of pedagogical innovation lies the shift from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning.


    Examples of innovations can be :

    - Usage of student-centered pedagogy (ex: project based learning) on a topic that was previously taught in a traditional way

    - Usage or creation of tools to enhance the learning experience

    - Innovative ways to teach in an online setting



    An independent jury will be tasked with reviewing all nominations.


    All nominations should be submitted by Tuesday, April 6th, 11pm CET.

    ...yourself or a professor you know

  • 150+ Business School professors were nominated from 32 countries

    Stay tuned for the next call for nomination in February 2022 !

    The selection criteria


    Here are some of the criteria on which we are basing our selection of the 10 innovations which will be listed in the report:

    • Ability to illustrate or demonstrate clearly which innovation they are applying in their classroom, how they are applying it and what the innovative elements are
    • Demonstration of data/evidence of the impact on learning. This can include feedback from students, feedback from someone who may have tested their approach and/or other forms of data/evidence 


    The strongest submissions will also show activities such as:


    • The publication of a research paper on the subject, to share their pedagogical innovation and/or the results of their experiments
    • Sharing of experience and approach. This can include participation at events (conference, webinar…), writing online (blog, social networks such as Linkedin or Twitter,…), or sharing of experience and approach through other mediums



    An independent Jury made of business education experts and pedagogy specialists have been tasked with reviewing nominations.

    Our jury is strictly independent and does not necessarily endorse views and opinions stated on this site

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    Former Dean of EMlyon Business School

    Former professor, dean of multiple business schools (EMlyon, Kedge) Bernard is now heading his own education venture, Trajecthoard

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    CEO, AACSB International

    Caryn became AACSB’s new president and CEO in June 2020. She most recently served as the seventh dean of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

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    CEO at Global Business School Network (GBSN)

    Dan is the CEO of GBSN, which improves access to quality, locally-relevant management education for the developing world.

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    Global Education Editor at Financial Times

    Andrew is writing and developing new ideas for the FT in education, business education and the business of education.